Protect Your Floors and Building Occupants This Winter


Canada-wide, approximately 60,000 workers get injured annually due to falls.  More than 20% of all lost time injuries each year result from slips, trips and falls. Regulations for floor coverings and maintenance are ruled by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Canada Labour Code. The Code states that all your exterior stairways, walkways, and ramps need to be kept free of accumulations of ice and snow or other slipping or tripping hazard, and that all travelled surfaces need to be slip resistant. Additionally, all indoor floors, that may be wet that employees use, need to be covered with a non-slip material or substance.

From enhancing safety in the workplace to soil control, the benefits of installing commercial floor mats are numerous.

Entrance mats minimize the potential for danger in entranceways by capturing dirt, moisture and other debris before it accumulates on the floor surface.  This keeps hard surface floors smooth and prevents them from becoming slippery over time.  The non-slip rubber backing of commercial floor mats stay affixed to the floor, which reduces the potential for a slip and fall accident.

Commercial floor mats also prevent dirt and dust from being tracked into the workplace, which will not only keep your office looking clean and professional, but will also help to reduce airborne allergens.

Keeping your floors safe isn’t just good business - it’s your legal duty as a building operator.  ServiceMaster Clean would be happy to help you with your winter mat program.  We also offer a wide variety of cleaning services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and other specialty cleaning services.