Caring for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) floor is commonly found in businesses because of its durability and ease to maintain. Proper care not only helps to preserve its appearance but can help extend its lifespan as well.

There are numerous methods available for cleaning VCT floors; understanding the differences will help you ensure your floors are being maintained in a manner that is appropriate for your building.

·       Spray Buffing: Often referred to as buffing. Spray buffing involves applying a product to the floor surface and machine-polishing to remove shoe scuffs, minor scratches and restore the shine. This is often completed weekly in higher traffic locations.

·       Burnishing: A process that uses a high-speed rotary machine to smooth scratches and restore shine. If minor scratches are ignored, dirt will settle, which will affect the overall appearance of the floor. In high-traffic locations, burnishing is typically the preferred method as it is a fast, thorough process that produces the high-gloss "wet look" that many people are familiar with.

·       Shower Scrubbing: Because the majority of surface soil accumulates within the top layers of floor wax, the shower scrubbing process is used to remove the top layers of finish followed by the application of one or two new coats of finish. This practice is typically completed quarterly.

·       Stripping: a process in which all layers of finish are removed from the floor followed by the application of several coats of new finish. Floor stripping is recommended annually to properly maintain the life and shine of VCT.

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